Using LinkedIn for Internet Marketing

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Search engine optimization or SEO is a great help for website owners. However, it’s not only for websites but also for LinkedIn accounts. LinkedIn is a social networking platform for businesses. Many businessmen, executives and other professionals have been using this platform in promoting and marketing their products and services. It’s also introducing various options that can help in improving the profiles of the users in searching.

Optimizing the LinkedIn account can boost your visibility. Many optimization options are offered that users can use in improving their profiles. Here are some tips to follow:

  1. Utilize the publisher option – This option is new and it allows the LinkedIn users to post their articles directly. This will not only show your expertise but also provide more contents and information to LinkedIn bots to work with. This shows that you’re active and this would make your account visible by your followers.  Follow the example on BigWeek Marketing Philadelphia Yelp Page.
  2. Provide the required information and use pertinent keywords – If you want your account to be optimized you should ensure to provide all the required information and use keywords that are detailed. The information that you should provide includes description, special projects, experiences and other extra features.
  3. Utilize the standard job titles – Another way to optimize your LinkedIn account is to make job titles that will show your personality. It’s also important to create more accurate job titles so that it will be better seen. This can be possible by optimizing the keywords as well.
  4. Promote your profile anywhere on the Internet – Part of implementing SEO in your LinkedIn account or YouTube with this embed is to make it visible by the public. This will not only make your profile popular, but it’s also a good start of making inbound links. However, you should be very cautious in mixing your social audiences. Sharing relevant information and other details will make your profile more visible. This will make new connections and build links.
  5. Customize the anchor text links – Every LinkedIn profile has at least three links such as blog and company website. The good thing is that the anchor texts can be customized making it more descriptive through the help of the “Other” option.

The main objective of search engine optimization or SEO is to improve the ranking of a website and this is also applicable for the ranking of your LinkedIn account. This is a great help to keep you connected with your followers and other users of such platform. While you want to make your ranking on top, you should not take for granted the importance of endorsements. Adding your skills on the endorsement is also necessary in optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

Before doing all those tips, the first thing to ensure is to make your profile visible online. This means that you should set the settings of your profile to public. Indeed, search engine optimization is very useful not only to businesses but also to individuals who want to be popular and visible on the World Wide Web and to any social networking sites.

This article is thanks to BigWeek Marketing – Philadelphia SEO.